Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – Remake 2013 Review

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Castle of illusion literally came out within 24hours of this review and you probably would have guessed that I have either given up or completed it; thankfully it was the latter. While most Players who played the original will feel right at home; with this new iteration; there have several new modernisations in order to keep things feeling fresh for new players. The Graphics on display are excellent, displaying plenty of eye- candy for the visual connoisseur; though purists of the original may cry foul at not opting for the traditional sprite work.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 23.03.12

The Audio work is no less impressive; boasting re-mastered tracks extracted from the original framework, there are plenty of tracks that will surely get you smiling; the only downside perhaps being that some of the compositions can be a little distracting in certain levels that said it’s a minor quibble.

An average game can take just a little two hours, while this a little pedestrian by today’s standards, it’s somewhat meagre length is at least balanced with a solid challenge; giving players plenty of incentive to replay the game, and the large stash of hidden collectibles wouldn’t go amiss to achievement hunters.

The story is short ill give it that and after playing it I felt like it needed more once I finished but of what you get for the price is fairly reasonable; and the scope for replay is high if you are in to getting everything which I was. Controls can be an issue, but I think it really depends on preference.

Also new-comers might not like it as the people who have played the game before. You could call it sluggish even the way of Mickey moves but it comes down to matter of opinion and it does have that rewarding learning curve if you decide to push ahead. If you die it’s your fault, not the game. You really have to learn on each level before you can just blast your way through it; as the slightest mistake will cost valuable lives, though this is alleviated with checkpoints.

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While I’m not a big an Disney nor Mickey fan, I still enjoyed my time playing through this platformer and It really shouldn’t be ignored even if you don’t like Mickey as a character. While the game is on a bit of a short side the replay ability would be enough to look past its minor flaws.


Version played on PlayStation 3

Review: Ben Thomas

Script Editor: James Petford

@AstroIgnition  /  AstroIgnitionFacebook


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