Creative Industries – Minor Projects


When this was first presented to us in October I was very interested in becoming part of the project. At the time I was unaware who the consultant would be and which hospital it would be filmed in. I signalled my interest at once by replying via. E-mail. I have had some experience of filming live before and had enjoyed the challenge that this brings.

Unfortunately this project was very slow to get off the ground and there were times when I thought that it might not happen as there were many stops and starts. This troubled me as I thought that I would be one project down for my course. The project leader was re assuring and at last we were informed that the project was definitely taking place and we would soon hear when we would be able to go and film. I found out that the filming was going to take place in a hospital in Newport. The filming date was the 18th  April.

My role in this project was to be the camera man and I was unsure at the start where and what I was going to film. I was nervously excited as I have not been involved in this kind of project before.

When we finally arrived at the hospital, I was amazed that we were actually going to be admitted into an operating theatre to film live surgery, this was obviously a first for me and it was definitely a challenge I did not expect. Before entering the theatre we all had to clean up and wear scrubs. I have had many operations and to be on the other side filming one definitely created a wow factor for me personally.

The pressure to get enough footage during an allotted time is stressful. The team worked really well together while the operation was going on.

Apart from the filming I had very little input. The project manager did well to organize it all, she had some experience of organizing a previous shoot which benefitted the project.

Photo by Gareth Bevan

This was a totally new experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it and wished that I had more input into the actual project, and although I was not involved with the editing I did go along to see the film and to see how the editing was progressing. Unfortunately there was not enough footage and someone had to go back and do some more filming as one of the video camera we used did not record. I have also been involved when editing a film with too little footage and know how frustrating that can be.

Filming the surgery was new to us all and we were not expected to know what shots we would be allowed to take and how long the operation would be, these I suppose are questions that should have been asked at the start. The project leader was involved with all the health and safety issues and getting the consent forms and permission to film in the hospital, from the authorities and the patient.

I learned a lot from this project and was glad that I was a part of it even though I had minimal input.


The intention of this project was to create a website like YouTube but aiming for the people in Wales to film and upload their own Welsh videos. This was to include a variety of features depicting Welsh culture etc.

Rhian a fellow student was the main person in charge of the project for the client, Amanda.

Our aim was to produce suitable items to get the project started. My involvement began with a plan to produce a 2 minute show reel for Rhian to show to Amanda.

I consider this to be one of my minor projects as I believe my input was limited, although very time consuming. There were many people doing different things. Rhian set up a marketing team to promote the project. It was publicized on Exposure radio which many of us was involved with.

I found that communication throughout the project was frequent but very informal and channeled mainly through Face Book. When working on this type of project it is important to acknowledge the target group so that features planned will attract attention from this group. My main role was to produce the promotional trailer this turned out to be quite successful although very stressful at the time but Rhian was pleased with the final product. A 2 minute trailer is difficult to edit, decisions as to what to include and what to leave out is crucial to the overall feel and tone of the film. This I found challenging as at the time I was involved with other things as well, but I wanted the show reel to reflect the work we had done.

Because the site was to attract people to contribute their videos of Welsh events Rhian asked on Facebook for people to upload any videos of what they did on 2012 National St. David’s Day.

I was involved in filming the St. David’s Day parade in Cardiff, with Rhian, again it was important to have plenty of footage to make the editing work easier, and this took up more than half a day. This would then be uploaded onto the site.

This project had plenty of potential as it would have been a worthwhile enterprise to produce this kind of site for the internet. But unfortunately not many people responded or participated to make it a success.

We should have discussed in earlier meetings to examine different types of distribution outlets where we could have showcased our enterprise. It was also essential to know how much money was in the budget, so various other features could have been included. Many events were happening in Cardiff at the time, for example, there were three rugby internationals within the same month and filming activities around the city and the Millennium stadium and uploading them to TiFiChi should have promoted some interest on the site. These features could be divided into cultural and sporting events etc. Once various films were uploaded to TiFiChi it was decided that it was time to have a brand logo to promote the site, everyone in the group had the opportunity to vote and choose the best. The successful Logo is excellent will be noticed as it is very clear for what TiFiChi stands for. Everyone who was involved did their best and it was very disappointing that the project did not attract as many followers as originally was thought. This was a great idea and I am sure that there are many students with footage that could have been uploaded onto TiFiChi but because of other commitments did not do it. If this project continues on a website I am sure it will attract fellow students or other people to upload videos that promote Welshness, as it will be unique.


TiFiChi Facebook

TiFiChi Twitter




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