Radio Project

My experience of participating on Exposure Radio for the 3 weeks.

Exposure radio is an online radio station in Glamorgan University, Atrium campus. I participated in running it as part of my third year radio project over three weeks between the 23rd of January and the 10th February 2012.

I worked with a group preparing, producing and presenting a 1 hour slot called A&E (Arts and Entertainment) which was aired from Monday to Friday between 4 and 5 p.m. The preparation for the programme started well before we were ready to record, such as allocating various roles to people within the group and working on the features we would broadcast on the weekly programme. Our group had the Wednesday slot and our programme covered the following regular features:

  1. Sex, drugs, rock and roll.
  2. Weird Website Wednesday.
  3. One hit Wednesday
  4. Mystery Murder.

I was responsible for two regular features, Weird website Wednesday and One hit Wednesday, plus one other stand alone feature about what films are coming this year to the cinema.

During the three week slot, for the first week I was the technician on the programme, but also did a feature for the Weird website Wednesday slot. I also helped to put an intro onto the drama sketch which was a murder mystery and this was then used in all the subsequent productions.

In the second week I did with ”what’s on” in Cardiff feature and this went out on the Thursday show. In the final week I produced the Tuesday evening trail for Wednesday evening’s show whilst at the same time producing the script and co-presenting for the final A&E Wednesday show. My feature of what’s coming soon in the cinema was also on. I also prepared material for another regular feature, one hit Wednesday, but this did not get aired on radio.

Audio clips from Exposure Radio.

Weird Website Wednesday (Cut to 2min).

This is my first feature for Exposure Radio. This was aired on the first Wednesday of the first week of Exposure Radio being aired. My task was to find weird websites that people could go on while listening to the show.The 2 sites that I found were hays of & just which I thought would be interesting. The feature it self was 2min and 30sec long so here is cut version of the feature.

What’s On.

Thursday was a good day to do a “What’s on” slot as there were plenty of things happening. Thursday is a good night for students as there are a lot of student places to go to. I mentioned 3 clubs that would be of interest. The circus was in town, which was great to mention and it was the start of the rugby Six Nations at the weekend. So I had many items which I could talk about. I had to narrow it down as the “What’s On” was a 2min feature. This was for the Thursday’s A&E of the 2nd week.

Trail for Wednesday.

This was simple to produce. I thought it was a good idea to get a sample from the previous show’s trail so that the listener could see there was some humour on our show. This was aired on the 3rd week on the Tuesday’s show of A&E. So hopefully this encouraged the listener to tune in for our Wednesday slot the following day.

Film Feature (Cut to 2min).

I was really happy with this feature. Out of all of them I think this was my personal favourite as I enjoy films and discovering new film techniques. I am always interested in new films that are coming out. It was easy to arrange the interview with someone working in the cinema as I thought they would be too busy to do so. This was originally 3min, so here is the cut down version of the best audio clips.

Extract from Live Show – Me Presenting.

This is an extract from the quizzical segment that my co-host and I were doing. Not all of this was scripted and thought that the result was good. The one on one conversation with my co-host came out well, I was pleased with this as there were no errors when reading the script. It flowed nicely and had some nice humour and banter. The second part is an extract of me introducing a feature, which I presented quite well, again with no errors when reading the script. As the show progressed we both improved in our presentation.

One Hit Wednesday’s (Cut to 1.30min)


This is my second regular feature which did not get aired on Exposure. It was meant to be airing for the 3rd week. I had a list of songs to choose from and I went with a song that I remember and I knew it’s a tough one to guess and not many people will have heard it unless they grew up with the series. Finding information about the band was difficult, as there was hardly any information about them, as their career was short-lived. The feature lasted for 4min, I have included the beginning of it as most of the feature covered the song. I spoke briefly in the introduction and the end of the feature. I was glad that this feature was to be broadcast on our show. Listening to the one hit wonders over the years was interesting and a lot of fun.


Scripts used during the programme:

  1. Script I wrote for the 3rd week when I was presenting the show. Click here
  2. Script I wrote for the feature I did on films/cinema. Click here


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