In 2003 I enrolled at Coleg Sir Gar on the Music Technology First Diploma Course. One of my main interests was live music performances as I had experience of this in school where I assisted in a number of school concerts and live performances using and setting up the PA system.

I also had begun to create film videos for various individuals, looking back these were quite basic. Although my course did not involve filming and I didn’t have the necessary software to edit my work, I was lucky enough to meet a new lecturer who had joined the staff who recognised my enthusiasm and showed me how to edit by using Final Cut Pro.
Having been given a grounding in the fundamentals of the software I developed my skills at every spare opportunity, before and after lectures.

Early on in the last year, the final year students were given the opportunity of developing a music video to promote their music which they had produced/created for the course, I was the first one to offer my services together with my lecturer and help film the music video for these students which was a useful first step in my development for later projects.

Optimystic – Music Video (2003)

Huwdini MC – Music Video (2003)



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